Bakehouse. Fortrose. Rosemarkie. Bye-bye Agne. Grumpy.

It is Tuesday and I should have helped out at Alina’s school again, taking them to the forest to meet up with the Wild Thing. But because it was Agne’s last morning here, I double checked with Alina’s teacher and there were enough other adults to help him. So we were off the hook.

What to do in Findhorn with a free morning: Bakehouse. Coffee and almond croissant. Fantastic. Delicious. Mouth watering.

We didn’t have much time, so I took Agne to Fortrose and Rosemarkie. We sat at the beach. Enjoyed the sunshine and each others company.

And at 4 pm it was time to say Good-bye. Agne, it was lovely, that you took the time to come up north to see me and I very much treasure every conversation we had during your short stay.

When I was back home, reality hit me hard. The front door was open. Stéphane thought the kids were upstairs. They weren’t. The were outside in the garden in their most summery clothes and hadn’t done any homework. Lara’s jacket was on the floor in the corridor. Her lunch box not in the kitchen. So I asked them to get changed and to do their homework. Alina in her minimalist fashion – three words on an A4 sheet – done. Their job this week to hoover the car not even started. And a couple more things and I just lost it.


Photographic family constellation