Lara’s 10th Birthday. Super-Mum. Alina 40°C temperature.

PrtScr capture

Time schedule of a super mum

  • 5:45 am getting up and preparing everything
  • 6:15 am dealing with first unexpected “what life throws at us” – Alina has 38.7°C – giving her some medication
  • 6:20 am waking up Stéphane and Lara
  • 6:50 am leaving the house and driving to Findhorn beach
  • 7:18 am sunrise at Findhorn beach while eating breakfastDSC_0347[1]


Molly, our unexpected birthday cake “help yourself” guest during breakfast

  • 8:30 am last meeting with Helen about the bookkeeping while Alina is at home with her dad – no school today
  • 9:30 am still bookkeeping
  • 1:05 pm DONE WITH THE BOOKKEEPING !!!!!!! and very hungry


  • 1:20 pm went home, ate something quickly, prepared things for later
  • 2:00 pm acupuncture appointment
  • 3:00 pm drive to Cullerne Garden
  • 3:10 pm preparing tea break for the garden team and all invited guests
  • 3:30 pm tea – birthday – party



This is the a bit of the leftover from the raw cake I had made the previous night. Thank you so much Agne for the recipe. It was a mess but a delicious mess. And by the end of the gathering, that one was all eaten.

  • 5:30 pm doing all the dishes and checking Alina’s temperature 40°C
  • 6:49 pm sunset at Findhorn beach



  • 7:30 pm home and nursing of Alina
    • medication – lots
    • burn sage incense
    • Bach flower sweets to calm her down
    • leg compress
    • Agne’s healing code
  • 8:00 pm dinner and dead tired