Countdown Scotland T-10 days and counting. Wild Things. Bookkeeping good-bye

It was nearly a miracle that I got out of bed this morning. Last night I suddenly couldn’t move anymore. My left bum-side really really hurt and even in bed lying on my right side didn’t make it any better. So this morning I dragged myself out of bed and moved like a 95 year old person to the bathroom. The very same way I walked to school because I was volunteering again to help Alina’s class with their Wild Things morning.

And what a lovely morning it was: Rain. More rain. And even more rain. So by the time we got there we were nearly all soaked. Holly and Vera from the Wild Things had already put up some sort of protection against the rain. But the whole morning we removed water puddles from the tent and showered that way a few people. Once the water cooled down one of the parents coffee and one time a little boy got a proper shower. But nobody seemed to mind, because the topic was FIRE. Holly showed the kids how to make a fire and even I learned a few things.
DSC_0467[1]He told the kids again about John Muir and how he got to meet the American President. Roosevelt did more for the national park idea than any other president in history. During a cross-country trip in 1903, he spent three nights camping alone in Yosemite with the other S1012-lggreat champion of the parks, mountain prophet John Muir, who enlisted Roosevelt into making Yosemite Valley part of a larger national park. Snow fell on them the night they camped here, near Glacier Point. It was, the outdoorsman president recalled, “the grandest day of my life.”

DSC_0470[1]And then with the fire going really well, it was Marshmallow time.

When I had dragged my painful body back to school and all kids were safe and dry, I went to the office of Ray’s Opportunities to meet Amanda, who will be doing the bookkeeping for them from now on. So now it is finally over. With the last 2 hours today, I did exactly 80 hours volunteering for Ray.DSC_0365[1]

Now you might wonder what I got out of doing all this work. Well…

  • I have been part of his vision, of his grand idea
  • I felt trusted
  • I met new people
  • I learned about an online bookkeeping program
  • I got to set up a bookkeeping procedure that others might follow
  • I noticed how much I like to be part of a team and
  • I felt how much it hurts if I am not
  • I could fully express my work ethics and values and
  • I was recognized and awarded for it

When I got home, I took a bath. Firstly because I was so cold and still wet from the morning and secondly hoping my movements would be less painful afterwards. Well they were for a short time, but not long. Can one have a lumbago in a cheek?

Anyway, one amazing thing is how my daughters are doing homework here. Alina was not so motivated to do any maths this afternoon. Then she went on this page and started to do sums and multiplication. And because I thought that was far too easy I pushed her to try divisions. “I can’t do that.” – was the moaning mantra for about 2 minutes, then she got it and was hooked. The fun part is that all her classmates and others from the school have all a login and the kids see how everybody scored. So when Alina saw that she was the best in a game, she couldn’t be stopped and even now (20:48) is she on the page and doing math and is getting very annoyed if somebody else is pushing her down the list 🙂DSC_0474[1] DSC_0475[1]

Today we had dinner in the CC and later went to the boutique to get a couple of books for the girls to do some folding craft for their classes as a “good-bye” present. They picked really thick books. Let’s hope they finish before Friday.


Project Runway in the Boutique