Countdown Scotland T-8 days and counting.

Cullerne Garden. Parents-Teacher-Meeting. Book Fair.

This morning I woke up and I could move my body again freely. What a blessing. So I decided to spend my morning in Cullerne Garden, as it was according to the weather forecast the best day of the week. But instead of cycling I took the car because I had to be in Forres around 13:30.

And what a glorious morning it was. Blue sky. Radiant sunshine. And while working I had a clearing talk which now allows me to put stuff from the recent past behind me. I planted my third tree in Cullerne Garden – a willow tree. Once it will be big and strong and I can sit under its shade and say “ I planted this tree !” And when I sorted some potatoes afterwards, I found these little ones…DSC_0485[1]

Because I had earned myself a meal ticket, I took it to the CC and enjoyed a lovely lunch. One of the beauties of Findhorn and Forres is that you always meet people you know. I was saying tonight to Alina that I have the feeling that after three months here I know more people than after 10 years in Gurmels.

And every meeting these days starts with “When are you guys leaving…?” And with every question I get sadder and sadder. The response I am getting is showing me that I left a lasting impression  and that I will be missed. And I will miss them too. Susan I saw today in the CC and she just suggested to cancel all our travel arrangements and instead to stay here. Sarah, who I met when I left the CC said she wished we had met earlier. And so on…

I could try to describe the conversation I had today with Sarah on her birthday. I could try to attempt to give you reader an impression what meeting someone here on a heart to heart means. I could write down the words that were spoken. I could paint a picture of us two standing there and looking into each others eyes. I could do all that – but it wouldn’t come close to describe how it felt. Meeting someone here – really meeting another person, is so much more here, goes so much deeper, has so much more depth than what I have experienced in a lot of other places, that I don’t attempt it. I keep it in my heart, like seeing a sunset and knowing that no camera would ever really capture it.

So then in the afternoon I went to Anderson Primary School in Forres. Lara had asked me if I could also spend some time in her classroom as I had been on weekly outings with Alina’s class. I first went into Alina’s class to take a photo of the class as a memory and then I went into Lara’s class. Her teacher had given them a list of tasks to do projected onto the wall. DSC_0500[1]This sort of thing I am doing in my adult classes. Amazing to see that the teachers in the primary school are doing the very same thing. The kids were working pretty much independently on their laptops in their groups. Lara was among a few who hadn’t finished with their self-assessment sheets. So she added the rest of the information and then tweaked around with colors, fonts, sizes… all not very important things when there are still two other things to do and time is very limited. But this is my Lara and all her previous teachers have commented on this already. This is really her. DSC_0495[1]

Then at 3 pm we headed out to also take a photo of Lara’s class just across the street in a beautiful park. Back to school and it was nearly time for our first parent-teacher-meeting with Alina’s teacher.

Now picture this: The sports hall. In the middle of the hall a row of chairs for parents to wait. In each of the corners a table for a teacher. We had the 3:30 pm appointment with Alina’s teacher and at 3:35 pm it was the appointment for the next parent. Every five minutes the parents changed. We now call it between us “speed dating the teacher“, which is pretty much a very good summary of the experience. Next time I have a parent-teacher-meeting and am being given 30 minutes I will not complain. No, I will be very grateful for each and every one of those 29 additional minutes and the privacy of a room with a closed door. At 4 pm we saw Lara’s teacher until 4:05 pm and that was that.DSC_0494[2]

This is actually a piece of Lara’s work very much from the beginning. I love that spelling “sih – see” or “bicose – because“. 🙂 Both teachers praised our girls. Both said that they had been an asset to the class and that they will be missed and that they are a credit to us. I heard that today a lot from various people and that made me a very proud mum. Being a mum is not easy and I never know if I am doing a good job or not. DSC_0510[1]So being praised myself for the work I put in these past 10 years gives me a really nice feeling.
Before Lara left she had quickly written this and gave it to the head teacher. Amazing difference in spelling just after these few weeks in school.

While Lara went home with her dad, I stayed with Alina in the school because I had volunteered to help with the book fair. The book fair is basically a mobile book shop that goes to different schools. Books are on display and can be bought. So I spend some time helping out there and Alina enjoyed looked at the booked, because I didn’t want to buy any. In my opinion there were quite expensive and I rather get some second hand.

DSC_0514[1]And then to finish off a perfectly beautiful day, we went to see the sunset in Findhorn.


Book Fair at the Anderson Primary school in Forres