Wow what a day it was today. It started off by Lara coming into our bed having had a bad dream. The same story just other location. I keep being surprised how quickly they find their way to my bed in the middle of the night in a new house – basically in unknown territory. It seems their little brains, if not remembering anything else I keep nagging them about, unconsciously takes a visual image of the path from their bedroom to mine. How would Freud explain that?

Then our washing machine had somehow decided to give up its life spirit the day before yesterday and nothing I had tried so far had had the much needed result of that thing turning and making a gurgling noise. So I got out of bed thinking that I will have to find a mechanic to fix it and a launderette to empty our overflowing washing basket.

Then for a brief moment I felt gratitude when I saw a flower while leaving the kitchen, only to find my daughters jacket on her bike outside where she had left it the previous evening. ‘When is she ever going to learn to check behind herself? When is she ever going to be attentive?’ – were my thoughts to the meditation garden shed, where I tried to be positive, calm, grateful – what a joy, NOT!! Then having gotten out of bed even 15 minutes earlier than the previous morning, didn’t seem to change much to the stress in the morning. However at some point we three were on our bike trip to Cullerne Garden. These 30 minutes are a bliss. There is so much beauty, that one can’t be grumpy. Well, nobody but Alina. And she was Mrs Grumpy big times. So that when we arrived at Cullerne Garden, I kept my distance until eventually she came to apologize. The joy of motherhood.

My morning shift was again ‘Love in Action. This time we picked peas in one of the tunnels and after coffee break I cleaned some stuff, got really dirty in the process and loved it. I met an amazing woman, Jules, who wants to go travelling with her 8-year old son at some point in the future and we had a really good time together.

Every time I work a shift in Cullerne Garden I get a meal ticket. And yesterday the girls got one for their whole day of helping. So today, the four of us met at the Community Center (CC) and indulged in an amazing vegi-lunch. I am still so full (19:11) that I don’t even fancy dinner. Today’s photo was actually taken in the CC in front of today’s menu.

Stéphane had taken his normal ½ day off this afternoon so we went to the sea. We found a new spot and walked on the bottom of the sea. Yes we did. It was low tide and we walked for a while before we came to the water. Later high tide started and it was amazing to watch how quickly the water came in. We estimated that it took about 30 seconds to flood one meter. It was so much fun.

Afterwards we went for a coffee and cake and then home. The girls could enjoy the trampoline in the garden and later we did some house cleaning. Everybody had a job and we shared the work.

I mustn’t forget to mention – our washing machine is working again. Hallelujah. Stéphane got rid of some extra water that was inside and cleaned the filter, and now its running again. The pleasures of a housewife. Never thought I would get so excited about a working washing machine.

With a glass of Pinotage I will say ‘Good night’ to the world.