Countdown Scotland – last day. Ritual. Drive to the ferry.

Last time waking up in Rhuvaig. Last breakfast. Packing the last bags into the car.  Last washing machine 🙂 Saying our good-bye to James 🙁 And last ritual:

Lara, Alina and I drew cards for the people we had the pleasure of meeting here in Scotland. So this if for all of you: we love you and wish you well.

for all people we met – our wishes for you: Trust your Intuition; Sexuality; Body movement; I am willing to let go; I balance my masculine and feminine sides; I release all fears and doubts; My work is deeply fulfilling
And then we just left and started our journey to Newcastle. 445 km down south. We left around 7:30 am and we arrived around 2:45 pm. No problems on the way just a couple of kids in the car, that threw up a few times 🙁 too much excitement.

waiting for loading in Newcastle

Last British sunset…

18:46 o’clock
18:54 o’clock
18.55 o’clock