What is resilience?

Resilience is the ability to respond positively to adversity and is influenced by these subjectively perceived factors.

  • The ability to influence the outcome of an event vs being at its mercy
  • The subjective perception of the intensity of an event
  • The duration of the event

How can I discover my inner wisdom?

When I am talking about your inner wisdom, I am NOT talking about all the voices in your head. No, I am talking about a quiet voice that can only be heard when there is silence. Deep inside of you, you have all the answers to all your questions.


Satya Dunning

Trauma coach
Everytime, I've worked with Anja, I've been surprised at the world of possibilities that have opened up for me. Through her coaching, she's helped led me to new spaces, ideas I just couldn't access before. I've been able to move forward with excitement, confidence and without fear. To make decisions based on choice in the here and now, and take risks. She blends kindness with relentless focus, skill and astuteness.

Dana Poul-Graf

Founder, Thought Partner at key&spark s.r.o.
I got to know Anja many years ago at a global international event, and we have stayed in touch ever since. I've had the privilege to join her podcast recently and was impressed with the professionalism of her process. However, what stood out most was her ability to interview, going deep in a gentle and caring way, coupled with the amazing audial quality of her voice. If you are looking for a mature interviewer, moderator, or radio host, I'd recommend Anja!

Inés Constantin Kleven

Branding Expert
Anja approached me last year and invited me to be a guest on her podcast #sheunplugged. It felt like an instant connection and since that first podcast we’ve been regularly in contact. What I really appreciate about Anja is her really good and deep questions, her hard and loud laugh, which btw I absolutely adore, and her knowledge in so many topics. I might have been her guest, but I also found an extraordinary woman who enriches my views on life.

Feng Xia Ang

Co-Founder/CTO 21done
I think, you also, instead of giving me a suggestion like: You need to work on this and that. - rather you kind of gave me that space to really think about that. [...] Which I think was very important [...] The whole process was very fun [...] and I'm glad that I've also taken away some useful insights.

Dr. Anja H Förster

Dr Anja H. Förster has a scientific background with a PhD in chemistry and worked in the industry. Then, over 20 years ago, she changed her career and became a leadership trainer, coach, author, and public speaker. She believes in a world where everyone is capable and feels empowered to follow their dreams.

She uses her exceptional analytical thinking, her embodiment of structure and process, and her empathy, intuition, and vulnerability to enable her clients to reach their full potential. With her certification in NLP, TA, SoulCollage®, Theta healing® and most recently, as a Personal Resilience Indicator Practitioner, Anja provides her clients with the best chance for lasting transformation.

In December 2008, she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. She underwent several surgeries and radiations and travelled the world with her family for an entire year.

People admire her for her unwillingness to give up. She is a force of courage and resilience. Anja is married and has two daughters (16 and 17 years old).


Personal Resilience Indicator

  • Find out, how resilient you are currently.
  • Find out, what areas in your life currently strenghen your resilience.
  • Find out, what areas in your life currently weakens your resilience.
  • Define which areas need working on to improve your resilience.
  • Measure your coaching progress quantitatively.
  • Analyse the resilience of your project/-team.

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Discover your inner Wisdom

  • Find out, what is really stopping you from living your dream.
  • Find out, what next step to take.
  • Find out, where your hidden strengthes lie.
  • Find out, what your unconscious mind is telling you.
  • Unleash the power of your intuition.
  • Develop your team in a creative way.

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