The idea for this end of year ritual came from Denise Duffield-Thomas and I would want to give her all the credit for this really great idea. In her newsletter she was talking about finishing the year on a high – even if the year felt not that great. Or let’s put it differently, especially when you have the feeling that things didn’t go your way, sit down and do this exercise, as I will do it in a few minutes.

So the idea is to make a list of everything you’re proud of over the last year. EVERYTHING. And Denise was pointing out to keep that list not too short. So we are talking a minimum of 50 or so things. I remember having had a conversation with a dear friend of mine last year about us not bragging enough about our successes. We both said that as women we are just not bragging enough in general. So we challenged ourselves and had to brag about something every day for 21 consecutive days. At the beginning it felt really weird, but after a while, it was a good feeling to remind myself about my success, my achievement, something I am proud of. Why you might ask? Here is the scientific answer (youtube).

TODAY, on the 30th December 2019 at 15:46 I AM PROUD OF … 

  1. having written seven Rainbow stories for children
  2. having had the courage to read one of them during a culture event
  3. having the courage to keep sending them into publishing houses
  4. handling being disappointed by all the rejection letters
  5. having started writing my own “Befriend your Body” story
  6. having successfully completed the theta healing DNA Advanced course
  7. having successfully completed the theta healing Digging Deeper course
  8. being a volunteer at the HFR hospital in Murten and visiting patients who are on the palliative ward generally twice a month
  9. having successfully organised the Ferienpass for the 9th time
  10. for trying out something new – liver cleanse in Germany
  11. for not shying away from difficult personal development work
    • art therapy with Pia
    • theta healing with Agne
    • breathing techniques with Camille
    • meditation with Christine
    • fascias massage with Sonja
    • spirit work with Eloise
    • focusing work with Satya
  12. for doing yoga even when things are very challenging physically
  13. for doing Pilates even when things are physically challenging
  14. for keeping the Kreative Frauen group running with creative ideas
  15. for having the courage to go snow shoe walking on my own even when being frightened of sleeping and falling
  16. for deciding to get professional help to set up my online business
  17. for being a student again
  18. for challenging myself on the social media platforms
  19. for having had the courage to try out a tricycle in Bern
  20. of organising a car boot sale in June
  21. of actually going to a concert in Murten and not feeling too old
  22. for, when it was to difficult to stand, just sitting down during the concert
  23. for accepting help
  24. for asking friends for help (driving WhatsApp group)
  25. for asking strangers for help (for example, when stepping into/out of a train
  26. for accepting help from strangers for example carrying my bags in a train station
  27. for not getting upset when missing a train connection because of my slow walking
  28. for helping and working as much as possible in Cullerne Garden (Findhorn)
  29. for helping and working as much as possible in Barbaras garden
  30. for listening to her and embracing her advise
  31. for following an intuition regarding a chiropractor (Dr. Bernhaut)
  32. for nurturing friendships
    • dinner invitations for Edith
    • dinner invitation for Christina
    • coffee invitation from Christina
    • accepting dinner invitation from Daniela
    • coffee invitation for Cornelia
    • coffee with Franziska
    • coffee with Petra
    • spending a w’end with Satya in Glasgow
    • dinner with Anita
    • cooking for my friend Sandra
  33. for also accepting when my friendship needs are not mirrored
  34. for opening our home to friends who can stay here in our absence (Pia & Edi)
  35. for helping Edi with his exhibition by sitting in the gallery on several occasions
  36. for supporting Edi with his book tour by spreading the information and inviting people
  37. for offering theta healing sessions to friends and interested people for free
  38. for putting myself out there and actually overcoming the feeling of not being good enough
  39. for keep pushing to find medical help for the problems I am having
    • finally found the Integrative and Anthroposophical Clinic
    • having two PET scans and having to sleep at Romis
    • having the courage to try out the unorthodox Avastin treatment
    • doing a 5-day juice cure followed by
    • doing a 14-day celery cure (including ginger shoots)
  40. of making my own ginger shoots afterwards
  41. for juggling work, volunteer work, being a mum, household, garden etc.
  42. for showing up and telling people about SoulCollage® in Vellexon
  43. for learning a new skill of how to make yoghurt
  44. for trying out new vegan recipes
    • humus
    • desserts
    • cookies
  45. for not worrying about money and just enjoying a fantastic Nespresso lunch in Basel
  46. for coping with “Oh Bummer” when he visited the very first time in Suhr outside of home
  47. for coping with “Oh Bummer” ever since
  48. for being willing to increase the medication dosage
  49. for having the courage to try twice to eliminate certain medications and
  50. for accepting that it didn’t work and for starting medication again
  51. for cooking for a school friend of Lara every Thursday (16:38)
  52. for accepting the present her parents gave us
  53. for realising that the coaching for building my online business didn’t bring the expected results and for finding another coach and taking a second “Leap of Faith” financially by signing up to her program
  54. for pushing myself and having 1:1 weekly working meeting additionally (incl. homework etc.)
  55. for finally accepting that my daughter will not continue to play the violin
  56. for crying in public places
  57. for being very serious about “Befriending” my own heart
  58. for trusting Sandra with a ritual of surrendering my worries to a bigger energy along the Murten lake
  59. for starting to be active on Instagram
  60. for having learned how to to fb stories and Instagram stories
  61. for having learned how to use Canva
  62. for having learned how to use oneup
  63. for having learned how to use Evernote
  64. for setting up my very first fb group for Satya and myself
  65. for reconnecting with my inner wisdom and making SoulCollage® cards again
  66. for constantly trying out new things/new helpful rituals
    • daily evening journaling
    • morning meditation
    • letter writing to LOVE and others
    • tracking of “promise to myself”
  67. for every month doing the book keeping for the entire family and
  68. for actually not hating it any longer – doing it with a bit of a smile
  69. for having found several health insurance mistakes that would have cost us money
  70. for organising the loveliest blessing ceremony afternoon for Lara and Lara with Romi
  71. for keeping my promise to write a testimonial for Romi and
  72. for giving her my perspective of their homepage
  73. for having had the courage to be photographed by Christina
  74. for living with the fact that I am waking up nearly every morning between 4-5 am and still behaving human
  75. for looking into the mirror in the morning and reminding myself that I love myself unconditionally just the way I am … (16:53)

Wow, what a year I had. The key to this exercise is the “What else?” question.

2019 was a very challenging year for me and my family. They saw me from a very different angle, weaker, more helpless, but also more open. I am proud of the path I took. Finally after years of years saying “I am following my heart.” I actually do it. With all its ups and downs. With all the feelings that my heart is feeling. And they are not just good ones. But that is ok.

So how about you… don’t you wonder if you would also be able to pull this one of. I challenge you: Take some time, sit down and write down at least 50 things you are proud of from this year. And then hold your head high and walk proudly into 2020.

I am wishing all of us a Happy New Year. May it bring health and peace.